Cosmic Spa @ the World’s Crown Chakra

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Is there anybody out there from Poland who has not heard about the Wawel Castle? Well, if so, it must be someone who did not have access to education, and in this case he should receive compensation from the Polish State.

Wawel is not only the seat of Polish kings, it is one of the symbols of Poland, bringing to mind the most important events in the history of this country.

Everything that can be found on Wawel Hill has a timeless value. In fact, it is priceless. Wawel Hill is not just a cradle of architecture, culture and arts, it also means the graves of Polish kings and great people, it is John Paul II, German occupation and the seat of the Third Reich, the Sigismund Bell and numerous legends.

If you are interested in the architecture of this wonderful object and how it came to be what it is today, I invite you to watch the vlog of Radosław and Natalia from Architecture is a Good Idea, because they definitely know it better than me. It is in Polish, but English subtitles are available.

Well, but before any of this happened, we had the Wawel Dragon who benevolently occupied a den by the Vistula river. He destroyed and devoured everything that fell into his paws, thus driving the stronghold of King Krak crazy.

The king himself desperately sought help among the knights and nobles, asking them to liquidate the beast that inhabited the cavern under the castle hill. But nothing went his way. The dragon was terrible and so powerful that none of these knights ever returned.

One day, however, little Skuba, a poor city shoemaker, asked to be heard by Krak. The boy told the king that it was not with a sword, but with a trick how the dragon should and could be conquered and presented his plan to the ruler.

The plan was simple, because simple solutions are the most effective, and yet so rarely used by the know-it-all rulers. The desperate king needed to try everything.

Skuba got himself to work; He stuffed the sheep’s skin with sulfur and sewed it well to resemble a living animal. It then was thrown under the dragon’s den.

As Skuba had predicted, the dragon came out of the cave, grabbed the sheep, and devoured it thoughtlessly and greedily.

After a short while, fire began to digest the beast’s entrails and to extinguish it, the dragon crawled up to our Vistula and drank and drank and drank… until it burst.

And Skuba of course got a wife as a gift in the form of the king’s daughter. (no comment)

Since then, the Cracovians have lived happily ever after, with occasional attacks from enemies, of course, but they have always repelled them.

And this is where the magic of Kraków comes in. Many who visited this city mention that they really felt its magic.


One day, I got my hands on Zbigniew Święch’s book: Wawel Chakra, the greatest mystery of the hill.

At first glance, I thought that if there was a dragon, why not a chakra. But at the time, I had no idea what that really meant. Never have I ever during my Wawel visits, and there were a lot of them from the time of primary school through high school until finally student times when I lived in Kraków, seen groups of Indians resting their heads against the wall, and no one ever mentioned the chakra.

And apparently, the Wawel Chakra is the greatest mystery of the Royal Hill. A talisman placed in the very geographical heart of Europe, which pulsates with extraordinary energy. Is it possible that centuries of Krakow’s strength and charm were to be owed to this seventh holy stone? I don’t know, but there is power!

I grabbed the book under my arm thinking to myself: Damn, Święch generally a wise guy, would he write some crap? Apparently, the first edition of the book was sold out within a week.

The legend that the author studies and describes says that at the end of World War I, archaeologists unearthed the chapel of St. Gereon, the first cathedral of Bolesław the Brave. Later, a German cartographer made a map on which he marked the location of the chapel between the castle and the current cathedral. In this chapel is placed a magical stone, which for two thousand years brings happiness to Wawel and Kraków, as well as to its citizens. At the same time, it makes the city eternal, because thanks to the chakra, it can never be destroyed. This stone was placed under the chapel by the magician Apollonius, who called himself the mediator between humanity and the gods. 

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Who remembers Dharma and Greg? A show a la sitcom, in which Dharma was a laid-back yogi?

In today’s Buddhism, dharma is a set of principles by which a person should be guided so that his life is as it should be. Dharma is the gateway to a good life.

According to the beliefs of Dharmic religions and esotericists, chakra is the energy center in the body, that is, the place to which many energy channels lead and where this energy accumulates. The chakra receives, stores and radiates the energy that is necessary for life. The development of chakras leads to the development of inner and spiritual liberation.

You probably know, or not if meditation is not your slice of bread, that every person has such chakras in the body.

Source: internet

It is the same with our beautiful planet. According to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, the Earth chakras, like the human chakras, constitute for the Earth its vital force, energy, information base and keep it in balance.

Over many years, the study of various Earth chakras have proven that in the described places, the body heals faster, the mind enters higher dimensions of consciousness more easily. Contact with such places improves well-being and gives a feeling of bliss and peace. 

Places of power pulsate with energy. Not only are they felt by the body, but also measuring tools are able to demonstrate the presence of “inexplicable” energy in such a place.

Each continent has one of the most important terrestrial chakra, only that there are two versions of their locations 🙂 And where to go?

First version:

• Base Chakra – Mount Shasta in California;
• Pleasure Chakra – Machu Picchu in Peru;
• Personality Chakra – Ayer’s Rock in Australia;
• Love Chakra – Avebury and Glastonbury in England;
• Creativity Chakra – Egyptian Pyramids in Giza;
• Transcendence Chakra – Kun / Lun / Gobi Mountain in Mongolia;
• Absolute Chakra – Mount Cook in New Zealand.

Second version:

• Base Chakra – Mount Shasta in California;
• Pleasure Chakra – Lake Titicaca in South America;
• Personality Chakra – Uluru in Australia;
• Love Chakra – Avebury and Glastonbury in England;
• Creativity Chakra – Egyptian Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the Mount of Olives in Egypt;
• Transcendence Chakra – Glastonbury and Shafterbury in England;
• Absolute Chakra – Mount Kalisa in Tibet; Wawel Chakra located in the ruins of the church of St. Gereon at Wawel.

Let’s compare the above differences:

*Pleasure Chakra – Titicaca and Machu Picchu are both in Peru

*Personality Chakra – Ayer’s Rock is of course Uluru

*Transcendence Chakra – here, I would opt for version one as in version 2 Glastonbury is repeated. Besides we should have a chakra on every continent. For the same reason, Wawel sounds more accurate than New Zealand for the Absolute Chakra.

The Wawel Chakra is called the 7th Chakra of the Earth, analogous to the chakras in man, the seventh chakra is the crown chakra, located on top of the head. It is therefore the main entry point for the accumulation of cosmic energy, it connects all other chakras, supplying them with energy.

Catholic Church is not a fan of the chakra legend. However, this particular corner of the castle courtyard attracts a crowd of New Age believers and nothing will stop the visitors from meditating near the chapel or leaning against its wall to absorb even a little of its energy. Some say that if you spend a few minutes there, you will feel the flow of energy through yourself.

During one of my visits to Wawel, of course, I went in search of this corner. Well, I found it. I pressed my head against the wall and you know what? The power of persphasia, faith, propaganda or maybe chakra took over me and I felt blissful, all thoughts good and bad flowed away and it was only me.

Wawel Royal Castle, however, decided to meet the needs of the followers of chakra energy and provide a new route that allows you to visit the desired place. From July 2020, it is possible to go on trips to energy sources.

This new route includes a stop at the site of the former church of St. Gereon, which is located in the basement of the west wing of the castle. In the chapel you can find relics of the romanesque crypt and a new gothic chapel created in its place, which was under the patronage of St. Mary of Egypt. 

Such a unique energetic cosmic SPA tour.