Is there a magic spell to stop it?

Listen to the podcast here: Is there a magic spell to stop it?

You may, but you may not, know that on Valentines Day, an unusually strong extratropical cyclone, here in Ireland called either Storm Eunice or Storm Dudley, but well known in the countries around the North and Baltic seas: Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania under local names, hit with the wind gusts reaching 196 km/h.

The strongest in England since 1987, it caused plenty of damage across Northern Europe; destroyed buildings, hundreds of thousands of people without power, so far 17 fatalities, and multiple injuries.

And I am sitting here today, the wind is blowing crazy and the rain is pouring mad as if the skies literally opened some sort of a tap that needs to be closed, but is there a way to stop it?

It immediately brought two stories to my mind, one is the legend about how the Baltic sea became salty and I will include it in one of my stories. The other one is a pretty little story, one of the favourites of little C. and mine.

Enjoy it on this monkey day!


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